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Photos of interest to us...and hopefully you!

Here is my sweetie, Rafe. I met him on the internet in 1995, met him in person in 1996 and married the sexy guy in 1997.

This is Kira, she is 11+ yrs old and Rafe rescued her from outside the Veteran's Hospital in New York where he works as a Medical Technologist.

This is Kismet, she and her brother Karma were rescued by us from a lady in the town I work whose daughter was severely allergic. They were keeping both cats in one cat carrier, the poor things were never allowed to run! Here's a lesson for you: She paid $900 for them from a pet store (egad!) and the pet store called them Himallayans! However, they are sealpoint Birmans and are the best two kitties ever! I used to have a male Birman named Gizmo long ago, he was awesome, so I took these two kittens in a heartbeat. They were six months old and she was going to take them to a shelter (!!!). One reason, I imagine, is they were ready to have the expense of spaying and neutering, which I gladly paid. They are our "puppy-cats", they follow us around like dogs!

Here is Kismet's "demon" brother, Karma. Actually, both of them have gorgeous blue eyes that don't react well to camera flashes!

Here are a couple of photos of our property where we are building. The land has been in my husband's family for over 200 years. We bought 5 acres from them and it is simply beautiful Fall is our favorite time of year, these photos show why! My husband has his own saw mill and is a timberframer so our house, which he designed, will be all open beams. I can't wait! We should be in in the fall of 2005.

This is a very small portion of what we call the Beaver Pond. This fall we noticed that a beaver family has reclaimed the pond. This is a good thing! They had abandoned it about 15 years ago, so we are pleased to have them return. Well, mostly pleased. Except for some of the trees we loose due to the busy little beavers ;-)

For more pictures of the house we are building and the progress, or lack thereof, go to www.hastenslowly.com we will update pictures there as time and construction duties allow.