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I have several new tattoos in mind and these are some images that spark my imagination... That being said, I own none of these images, they are for creative purposes only to help the tattoo artist I choose to see my vision and guide them when designing my tattoo. If you have a problem with me posting any of these images, please email me and I will remove them. Thanks!

There are at least 5 different tattoos I want below so scrool down and read what I like about each image.

1) (color or black and gray) A homage to thought and memory…I believe these two things are what it all comes down too. The tattoo consists of two ravens and an ancient looking tree. The two ravens from Norse mythology, Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory) and the tree of life, Yggdrasill. The space on my body I was thinking is my right upper arm from elbow up and over shoulder, but it could spread to my back and chest area as I have no other tattoos on that side of my body. For example, if the tree was on my arm and the ravens were larger and flying in to land in the tree. Or the ravens could be in the tree...  I would love lots of movement and color by way of background and colors in the ravens, not just blacks but the blues, lavenders, etc. as highlights in the feathers.

I love this image, Odin and his Ravens, I wish I had the full thing, I'll keep looking for it online. Hard when you don't know the name of it. Or maybe this is the full thing??? Anyone know??

Love the mood of this, and the lifelike ravens.

A sweet pair of ravens.

Love the movement here.

An Arthur Rackham illustration. My favorite illustrator ever.

Love this gentleman's ravens I love the colors that were used.

While I wouldn't want to get my neck done, nor would I want my face tattooed, this rocks!

This is a drawing I did on velum paper and it didn't scan in very well, but it's one of the ideas I had where the ravens would be more subtle. Needs work.

Ideas for trees...

I like how this is like an overhead view. I like that change in perspective.

Cool feather detail.

More detail.

Not for me, but the ravens are kind of cool.

I like this... minus the runes

Cool tree and love the light.

This is very close to a what I would like....

Odin, this is great.

Awesome feather detail.

You lookin' at me?

The silhouette idea is cool.

2) (color) Alice in Wonderland, but not the Disney or Tenniel versions – "You’re nothing but a pack of cards" by Arthur Rackham.  Also there are some charming Wonderland images by Bessie Pease Gutmann. This is one that would lend itself to pen & ink and watercolor style. I love all things Alice and this is another one where I would be open to anything.

My favorite Arthur Rackham illustration.

Another awesome Arthur Rackham illustration. The Pool of Tears.

I would be THRILLED to have this image tattooed. I think I would want it in colors, but maybe not. Look at the little doormouse sleeping...awww! ;-) I think a tattoist would have a blast with this.

Alice, through the looking glass...

Totally different Alice by Bessie Pease Gutmann.

Can't WAIT to see this movie!

Love this artist as well, Mabel Lucie Attwell.

3) (black and gray) A memorial portrait of my parents it’s a picture from the 1940’s, here are two I really like. I would like a "frame" around them with two raven feathers the bases of the feathers crossed underneath like the one picture below. Dad passed away 17 years ago and mom this past Memorial Day 2009.

This picture rocks! Mom and dad in front of my Great Grandma Garvin's home in Rippey, Iowa. Circa 1941.

Placing the feathers similar to this but curving them in a frame would be cool.

Not my parents ;-) this is a cool way of finishing the edges of a portrait off. If my raven feather idea doesn't work so well then something like this would be cool.

4) And finally, here are two fun tattoos I would like, AstroBoy and Totoro!

I really like this one.

Totoro hiding! Bwahhhhaa!