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Thanks for checking out my little corner of the world! My name is Debbie and I live in the beautiful NW corner of Connecticut with my wonderful husband, Raphael, and our three cats, Kira, Karma and Kismet (see my photo page) and our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Jake. Knitting is my favorite passion at the moment. I also write for fun (see NaNoWriMo page or click on the link below) and am a self-titled fabricologist.

Raven Lunatic Designs is the company I started to market my own designs; earth friendly hemp and other natural fiber clothing, jewelry, knitting, spinning, folkart, quilting and generally everything I make and design. I had my own company when I lived in Chicago called Forever Memories Designs, but closed it down when I moved back to home state, Iowa, in 1992. For the last ten years I have lived and worked in Connecticut and have gone full swing back into designing. I plan on selling from this site, as well as on eBay. I am also looking into several outside lines of decorating items to offer that are in harmony with my own designs.

In the coming days I will be posting some photos and illustrations of my work. Many more things will eventually be on my site, but for now it's brand new. Please be patient and stop back sometime!

If anyone wishes to contact me, please do so at ravensky@ravenlunatic.com.

If you have any problems with this site, such as a broken link, contact webmistress@ravenlunatic.com.

Thanks for visiting!